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Thursday 21st May



2 x 15 minutes 

Read anything you want – a book, a comic, a magazine, a blog, a web page, anything! 



The English task which we have set this week will need a little bit more time and effort so there are no Guided Reading activities for you to do today.  However, you should be independent reading every day. 



Look at the picture of the Alma doll.  

What does this doll do in the video?  

What kind of personality do you think it has?  

Do you think this doll is evil? Why?  



Create a list of personality traits that you think the doll has. List them. (for example, I think the doll is ‘cunning’ as it hatches out evil plans)  


Create some thoughts of the doll, showing its emotions, thoughts, desires. 

For example, “That’s it you naive girl. Come into my kingdom and be lost forever!” 

Put your thoughts in bubbles or speech marks.  

Try and think of the deep, dark thoughts the doll might have. 

Can you use a rhetorical question?  



Practice your skills on Reflex 



Log into My Maths for today’s lesson and activities 

Also use this to play extra maths games 


SPAG Have a go at a test on 



Choose the right word 


Finishing off afternoon 

If you didn’t have time to complete any of the learning from the creative art, light sources or the people of God and what it would be like to be a Hebrew slave.  This is your opportunity to finish it off.  Please post all your hard work to Dojos so that we can give it the celebration and recognition it deserves. 


Alternatively, use this time to create something, do something in the house/garden, learn a new skill or language.