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Thursday 23rd April




Check your answers from yesterday – do they actually answer the questions?

Have a go at the rest of the questions for DinoWorld (up to Q11). On Q11, think about what we’ve been doing in English over the last few days ;-)



Your leaflet should include a few sections on the different parts of your park/world/thing.

For example, my NintendoWorld will have a few different areas: Mario Mountain, Link’s Logflume, Luigi’s Haunted House and my favourite, Diddy Kong’s donut shop!  

Today’s task: try and write a short paragraph describing each part of your park. Don’t forget to use exciting language to persuade and draw your audience in!

If you’re doing an information/awareness leaflet, choose a few different topics. The anti puppy farm leaflet gave information on what puppy farms are, why is it not a good idea to use them and why they are harmful to dogs.



Negative and positive numbers.

Don’t forget, the larger the negative number, the further away from 0 it is, so therefore, the smaller/lower it is.  For example, -67 is smaller that -16

One star: page 12

Two star: Page 13

Three star: Page 14

Challenge: Research the temperatures of countries in the arctic circle during winter and summer.  What is the difference in temperature? Repeat for countries in the tropics. What is the hottest and coldest temperature recorded on planet Earth. Where are they? What is the difference between these temperatures?



Choose the right word.

Look at this week’s spellings. Create a pyramid  with the easiest word on top (only copy it once) and the trickiest word at the bottom (have to practise a few more times!). Be creative: can you write it in the garden?



Work on your RE activity – you do not need to do this all in one go!