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Thursday 25.06.2020

Here is week 4 of at home learning for our last summer term. Remember task 1 is what we would like you to complete, task 2 and weekly challenges are optional - they are there for the extra challenge. If you require any support with any of the learning provided, please do get in contact with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Guided Reading

Task 1 - Answer Questions 9 - 12

Finish of the rest of the questions. You should have already now read the text quite a few times and started to form an understanding of the text. Look at each question and think about the skills you need to answer them successfully. Is it retrieval? Is it inference? Is it summarising the text? Is it word choice and meaning? Underline the key words in the question and answer in full sentences. 



Task 1 - SPAG Questions 1 - 10

Well done for working really hard on your modal verbs this week and last - you are becoming brilliant at understanding and using them within your writing. We are going to finish the week of with some SPAG questions! The document below named: SPAG Questions 7 has 18 questions on it. Today, answer questions 1-10.

Maths - Area and Perimeter


Task 1- MyMaths - Area of Rectangles Homework

You can try the lesson if you wish but we should have all the skills to complete the homework

Alternative Task 1 - Mastery of Perimeter and Area

Have a try, are you a maths master? Please share your work we really do love to see it.

Task 2 - Area and Perimeter Homework

When you've done it, please share!