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Thursday 30th April

Independent Reading

2 x 15 minutes

Read anything you want – a book, a comic, a magazine, a blog, a web page, anything!  You could even use Oxford Owl to read an ebook.

Don’t forget to practice your “Gran Can You Rap?” rap ready for Friday


Guided Reading

Have a dress rehearsal for your “Gran can You Rap?” Rap video.



Practice your skills on Reflex



In your pack: Page 7, areas of flags.

Use your learning from yesterday to find the area of the sections of these flags.



In your pack, SET A, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.

Have a go at questions 31 to 40



Choose the right word


Finishing off afternoon

If you didn’t have time to complete any of the learning from the creative art, light sources or the people of God and what it would be like to be a Hebrew slave.  This is your opportunity to finish it off.  Please post all your hard work to Dojos so that we can give it the celebration and recognition it deserves.