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Thursday 30th



Listen to Chapter 2 up to 13:50. Then continue listening to the story, following the text, up to 17:49.

Then listen to this section again, using Echo Reading. Now read it out loud, to a grown-up if possible.


Complete the sequencing activity by numbering the statements 1 – 5.


Finally, listen to the remaining few minutes of Chapter 2.




It is drama day!

You will be given a list of scenarios. Can you act them out (charades style!) so somebody can guess what is going on?

Then… think about what emotions you might feel if you were in these situations. Write them on the back.

Finally… How do you show these different emotions? What does your body do?



Times tables: Make yourself some simple flashcards. You will need 12 pieces of card or paper. On one side write a 7 times tables question (1 x 7, 2 x 7 etc) and then write the answer on the back. Make your writing big and bold so it is easy to see. Shuffle the cards, and hold them in a pile so you can see the question on the top card. Say the answer out loud, then turn over to check. If it is correct, start a new pile with your card. If it is wrong, or it takes you ages to work it out, put it to the back of the pile in your hand. Keep going until you have no cards left in your hand.

Time yourself and then see if you can beat your record.

Extension: Repeat the game, but this time with the answers showing. Working out what the question is will help you practise the division facts for the 7 x table.


RE – Who does Jesus call to follow him?

Do you remember the story we looked at last week when Jesus called the fishermen to be his disciples? Fishermen were not important people – they were poor, dirty and pretty smelly!

Imagine Jesus was here today. He wants 12 people on his team to help him change the world. Who do you think he would choose to be on his team? You need to come up with 12 names (they can be famous people, somebody you know personally, or even  a made-up person) and explain why you have chosen them to be one of your ‘World Changers’.