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Thursday 04.06.2020

Guided Reading

Task 1 - Answer Questions 2 - 6

Read the text again and start answering questions 2 - 6. Remember your skills for answering different question types. Is it an inference question, retrieval, word choice or identify key parts of the text? Remember also, if it asks you to quote the text - quote the text, if it asks you for a one word answer then answer in one word, if not answer in a full sentence. 



Task 1 - Read Six Texts and Reflect on the Texts

Open the document below - English Tasks - Thursday 4th June 2020. Complete task 1 (Read Six Texts and Reflect on the Texts) then task 2 is optional. Please share your work with us if you can! 

Maths - Adding and Subtracting Fractions.


Task 1 - MyMaths

Make sure you have worked through the fraction lessons set before you try to apply your knowledge to Task 2.

Task 2 - Page 52 and Page 53

This will test you addition and subtraction skills. Do 3 on each page first then check your answers before you continue.

Weekly Challenge - Fraction Triangles

Last day to have a go before the answers are posted tomorrow. Are you a challenge champion?