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Thursday 4th June

Reading and English


     1.Reading: Find the ‘Pirate Poems’ book on Oxford Owl. ( Select ‘My class                  login’. Put emmanuel in the first box and Y4JC in the second.) 

        Then click on ‘My bookshelf’ and select age 7-9.

        Choose at least three of the poems to read. Decide which is your favourite and why, and let me              know on Class Dojos.


      2. Writing: Turn each month into a rhyming couplet. The first line should tell us the months and                  what they bring. The second line gives us more detail about the month and the event.

          Put the easiest word to rhyme at the end of the line.

e.g. January brings dark nights

Hats and scarves and woolly tights.  


January brings dark nights

Icy paths and snowball fights.


        3. Practise reading your poem aloud. You might find you need to play around with your words                    and ideas a bit to make it sound right – this is an important part of the writing process!

            Decide which words need volume and emphasis. Perform to a family member and/or record                    yourself reading and upload it to Class Dojos.




We are going to look at some reasoning problems where you use your mathematical knowledge to solve tricky, real life problems. Have a go at the 3 sheets.