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Thursday 7th January 2021

Learning for Thursday 7th January 2021

Please remember that learning can be completed in any order and at any time of the day.  Please make sure that you always try your best and aim high just as you always do in school.  You've got this!


Chapter 8 – The Announcement
Read the rest of the chapter posted on Dojo or on the school website.  Make sure you download it and keep it because you will need it for Friday’s questions.


To investigate the suffix: -ous
In this lesson, we will explore the rules associated with adding the suffix -ous. 10 spelling words will be explained and set to learn. 
Extension activities will be posted below.


Everyone should try to go on reflex for 15 – 20 minutes per day as well as complete either 1*, 2* or 3* maths below.  
Everyone should try to complete 3* maths but if you are finding it tricky, please complete 2* or 1*.  

1* To describe the part whole relationship
In this lesson, you will explore and describe the part-whole relationship. We will look at what a whole is and various examples in real-life situations. We will then use this understanding to explore different examples of parts which make up the whole. 


2* Comparing fractions and decimals
In this lesson, you will learn to compare both fractions and decimals with each other.


3* Decimal equivalents of fractions
In today’s lesson, we will be learning how to convert a fraction to a decimal using different strategies.
Extension activities will be posted below


What are everyday materials made from?
In this lesson, we will learn about natural and synthetic materials. We will then investigate the properties and uses of three synthetic materials: glass, ceramics and plastics.