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Thursday 7th May


Listen to chapter 5 from 3:31 to 9:36. (Hagrid tells Harry more about the wizard bank and shows him the list of things he needs to buy before he goes to Hogwarts).


Then continue listening up to 12:51, following the text on the sheet. Then read it aloud yourself – to an adult, reading along with Audible, Echo reading – whatever you fancy.


Now summarise each of the six sections using just one sentence for each.



Read through the WAGOLL.

TASK 1: Write down the purpose of each paragraph – Why has it been written? What does each paragraph tell us?

TASK 2: Can you find examples of the different types of words. We have done this in class – choose a colour on the key to underline or highlight, then try and find them in the text. If you are unsure about what any of the words are, Dojo message your teacher or google them!



Choose a set of word problems to solve. Remember to read each question carefully and show your working out. Some problems have more than one step, so check you have actually answered the question fully!

(1 star are the easiest, 3 star are the hardest)


RE – How do Christians try to be “fishers of people”?

Have a look at some of the activities advertised on church notice boards and websites. What sort of people do you think would be interested in each of these? Do you think the Church is reaching out to the same people that Jesus would? Which of the activities do you think are the most important? Cut out the cards on the ‘Diamond 9’ sheet and arrange them as in the picture below. Then choose 3 of the activities and explain why you put them in that position in the diamond.