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Tuesday 07.07.20

Guided Reading 

Task 1 - Vocabulary

Read the text again and then choose 5 words you are unsure the meaning of and replace with synonyms. Does the sentence still make sense? Create your own sentences with the synonyms or the words you have chosen. Could you then think of the antonyms for your synonyms?



Task 1 - SPAG Revision 

Well done on yesterday's paper, today we are completing another SPAG paper - SPAG Questions 5. Read the question carefully and once finished, mark your answers. Let us know how you did on both papers over on your portfolios! 

Maths - Revision 

This week will all be about applying the skills we have learnt this year to different questions. Let see what we can remember!

Task 1 - Multiplication and Division

It's time to test those times table skills!! Remember division is the inverse (opposite) operation so your tables knowledge will help. Don't forget to share your scores over on your portfolios!

Task 2 - MyMaths

Try the multiplication and division booster - make your skills solid, ready for Y6.