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Tuesday 12th May


2 x 15 minutes

Read anything you want – a book, a comic, a magazine, a blog, a web page, anything!




Look at the text that you read yesterday - Set B: A Treacherous Portrait from your pack.

Choose 5 tricky words and try and define them. Use the skills that you learnt in class to help you

  1. Read around the word: are there any clues in the text? What word class is it? Is it linked to another word? Does it have a prefix/suffix?
  2. Background knowledge: have you seen/heard it before? Where? How was it used then?
  3. Synonyms: can you replace the word with another word that has a similar meaning
  4. Definition: try and write a definition of the word.

Check your answers using a dictionary (can use online dictionaries if you do not own one at home!)



Eggsplosive Easter mystery - Clue 3



Practice your skills on Reflex



Log into My Maths for today’s lesson and activities

Also use this to play extra maths games


SPaG Have a go at a test on



Word changers



Task 3

The People of God - How can following God bring freedom and justice? 

In the story of Moses, God rescues his people by delivering them from Egypt and then making the covenant (agreement) with them, not by demanding that they obey his commands first and only rescuing them if they obey him.


Task 3

This week we are going to think about the final four of the eight key events in Moses’ life.


  1. The ten plagues
  2. Leading the children of Israel out of Egypt
  3. Crossing the Red Sea
  4. The agreement at Mount Sinai


Your job is to draw a cartoon strip showing the eight events in Moses life.   See the resource sheet to give you ideas of how you might set it out.