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Tuesday 12th May



In today’s extract from the story, Hagrid takes Harry to Gringotts bank so he can get some money to go shopping for his new school things.


Today’s task is to read, read and read again. If you want to listen to this part of the story and read along, or use Stephen Fry as your teacher for Echo Reading, you can find it here: Chapter 5, 17:35 to 21:08



You should have been allocated a lesson and online homework activity called ‘Short Division’.

Today we would like you to work through steps 1-4 of the lesson. Make sure you complete each step by clicking on the ‘Next’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


If you need more practice at dividing 2-digit numbers, try these:

64 ÷ 4 =       96 ÷ 6 =   81 ÷ 3 =     98 ÷ 7 =




Today you are going to write the main body of your diary entry – go into what happened in chronological order. Remember to explain how you are feeling as you go and what you might be thinking! Do not end your diary entry – we will do that bit tomorrow!


A WAGOLL is attached below - this is from a slightly later part in the story!




Continue with your board games - you have 3 more days to make sure it is as AWESOME as possible!


Some board layouts are provided below!