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Wednesday 15th April

Morning!  We hope you are all well.  It was lovely speaking to some of you yesterday and hearing the things that you've been up to.   Remember, keep sending the Y6 team all the fantastic learning that you are doing.  We are so proud of the effort you are putting in.  Keep it up!



Re-read ‘Westside Journal’.  Underline any words you are not sure about and try to work out what they mean.  If you are still unsure about what they mean, use a dictionary to find their definition.

Don’t forget that this can go in your reading diary.



Practice your skills on Reflex



Write your entry for today.


Maths– from your pack

Your 6 Suite 1 Arithmetic Paper



Dots and Dashes and Word Changers



Work on your science activity – you do not need to do this all in one go!