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Tuesday 19th January 2021

Tuesday 19th January 2021


Guided Reading 

Today's task is to define tricky vocabulary. 

Words to define:

  • wittering:

“Going in to hospital makes tomorrow a big day.  It’s just that Saturday will be even bigger,” Dad said quickly.

I frowned at him.  What was he wittering on about?

  • countered:

“Yes but sometimes …maybe the risk is too great,” Dad said carefully.

“And sometimes, maybe any risk is worth it,” I countered.

  • supressed:

I supressed a sigh.  How many times was Mum going to ask me that question?

  • gratitude:

“Thank you,” I replied with sincere gratitude.

  • ruefully:

Mum smiled ruefully.  “I’m getting in the way aren’t I?”


Things to thinks about when defining a new word:


Word: Wittering: I frowned at him.  What was he wittering on about?

clues: Dad has just spoken – a more powerful verb.

Background knowledge: Used when someone is talking a lot but not making much sense.

Synonyms: waffling, prattling

My definition: To speak a lot/quickly about things that aren’t important.

My sentence: The children would not stop chatting so the teacher asked them to stop wittering on and do their learning.

Dictionary Definition: speak at length about trivial matters.



To edit writing

In this lesson, the children will practise spellings, look at editing and improving a piece of writing before editing and improving their own outcome from this part of the unit.




Fractions: Multiply pairs of proper fractions

In today’s lesson we will learn the procedure for multiplying fractions and express the products in their simplest form or as a mixed number.


If you need to recap how to multiply fractions (you did this last year in Y5), have a go at this lesson:


Challenge: See below for challenge activities 




EXTREME READING CHALLENGE - read in an extreme place! Make sure you read for a minimum of 15 minutes :-)


Try and complete 15 minutes of reflex.

Active Learn

Have a go at the games on Active Learn.




How did the religion of Islam begin?

In this lesson, we will be exploring the beginning of the religion of Islam. We will learn about the life of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, who established the religion following revelations from the Angel Gabriel.