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Tuesday 21st April


Hi everyone. Hope you're all keeping safe. Below are recommendations for today's learning activities. Have a go at them but remember: happiness and mental health are the most important things right now! 


Don't forget there's extra activities to do on ClassDojo: daily Kahoots and riddles and we've just started our new class book - 'The Forgotten Spell'. 



Look at the text that you read yesterday (Dinoworld). Choose 5 tricky words and try and define them. Use the skills that you learnt in class to help you

  1. Read around the word: are there any clues in the text? What word class is it? Is it linked to another word? Does it have a prefix/suffix?
  2. Background knowledge: have you seen/heard it before? Where? How was it used then?
  3. Synonyms: can you replace the word with another word that has a similar meaning
  4. Definition: try and write a definition of the word.

Check your answers using a dictionary (can use online dictionaries if you do not own one at home!)



You should hopefully have an idea of what your leaflet will be advertising (mine is going to be Nintendo World – I’ve got lots of themed worlds, each with their own unique activities). Dig out your ideas as you may want to add some notes to it today.

Look at the examples of leaflets that I’ve attached below. What features can you spot? Write a list of all the features (this will be your success criteria for your writing this week). Are there any features that you want to Magpie and use for your leaflet? Why not write them on your work from yesterday.

Now look at the language that has been used (if you can). Each leaflet is trying to persuade you to do something (visit a place/ buy something/ not to use puppy farms). What language has been used that tries to persuade you? Why not write some of the key words/ phrases on your work. Don’t worry if you can’t find any – I’ll be sending out a word bank later in the week.



Today’s maths is all about rounding.

One-star: page 7.

Two star: Page 8

Three star: Page 11



Word changes.

EXTENSION: Use the spellings and play hangman with your family J



Why not start a project on something linked to World War 2. You could create an information poster, a Powerpoint presentation (and present it to your parents), a word document, a podcast, a vlog or a blog. Get creative with how you present your information J

Zack has created one on the Berlin Wall. Other ideas that you could do include:


*Battle of Britain

*Start / end of WW2

*Pearl Harbour

*The war in the pacific arena (we focused on the war in Europe)

*The battle of Stalingrad

*The holocaust


This project could take you a few days. Today, you might just want to choose a topic and strat to collect notes and ideas. Use a range of different resources but make sure that the websites are reliable (remember the work we did on fake websites – the tree octopus!). It’s OK to use Wiki although sometimes it’s a bit too detailed. Try typing your project and “KS2” to get a child friendly version.


Hope this is all OK. Let me know if you need anything. And don’t forget to upload your work to keep in touch with your classmates J

Leaflet examples

Maths pages