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Tuesday 23.06.2020

Here is week 4 of at home learning for our last summer term. Remember task 1 is what we would like you to complete, task 2 and weekly challenges are optional - they are there for the extra challenge. If you require any support with any of the learning provided, please do get in contact with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Guided Reading

Task 1 - Genre and Vocabulary - The Netherlands

Read the text again and start to think again about the genre, write a sentence about what genre of text it is and what features tell you this. Try using this sentence starter: I know the genre of the text is a ____________________because it has the following features ________________________________________________________________.

After choose 5 words you are unsure the meaning of and replace with synonyms. Create your own sentences with the synonyms or the words you have chosen. Could you then think of the antonyms for your synonyms? 



Task 1 - Watch a Version of Eric

Watch this video version of Eric. You can follow the words as you do:

What do you think about this version. Does it work to have an actor playing the character of Eric? Is the narration well read?

Task 1 - Using Modal Verbs

Use the Revision Card to remind yourself about modal verbs and then read through Eric Thoughts 1 and 2.Think: What are some of the differences between the two sets of answers?  Highlight the modal verbs that have been used within  and Sort the modal verbs that you have found into Certainty/Ability/Obligation. The resources for this task is on the document below: Tuesday 23rd June and Wednesday 24th June.

Task 2 - Try the Fun-Time Extras

Look at the Endpapers - these are on the document below: Tuesday 23rd June and Wednesday 24th June. These are Shaun Tan’s drawings that he puts at the start and finish of his books. What is your favourite drawing? Could you make up a story about it? Could you make your own collection of sketches in this style?

Maths - Area and Perimeter

This week is all about measurement - area and perimeter to be precise. We need to remind our selves what each measures. Perimeter is the distance around a shape. Area is the space inside the shape. Watch both Maths Antics videos below to help explaining how to find out perimeter and area. Always remember to write your unit of measurement (cm, Km, cm2, etc).


Imagine a slice of bread and jam. The crust runs around the outside of the bread, it's perimeter. The jam covers the space inside the crust, it covers the area. 


Task 1 - MyMaths Area Lesson and Homework

Have a look at the lesson after the Maths Antics video and have a go at the homework. Take your time measuring and remember to use the right unit of measurement - cm2/km2 etc.

Alternative Task 1 - Page 65/66

This starts with regular shapes and goes onto finding the area and perimeter of irregular shapes. This will make you think! Count the squares to help you.  

Task 2 - Active Learn - Marching Madness game.

This will test your perimeter knowledge. Can you save your army!?