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Tuesday 28th April

Independent Reading

2 x 15 minutes

Read anything you want – a book, a comic, a magazine, a blog, a web page, anything!

Don’t forget to practice your “Gran Can You Rap?” rap ready for Friday



Guided Reading


Look at the text that you read yesterday from your learning pack. Choose 5 tricky words and try and define them. Use the skills that you learnt in class to help you

  1. Read around the word: are there any clues in the text? What word class is it? Is it linked to another word? Does it have a prefix/suffix?
  2. Background knowledge: have you seen/heard it before? Where? How was it used then?
  3. Synonyms: can you replace the word with another word that has a similar meaning
  4. Definition: try and write a definition of the word.

Check your answers using a dictionary (can use online dictionaries if you do not own one at home!)



Practice your skills on Reflex.  All the teachers get a weekly report so we can see who is using Reflex daily.  Lots of people are gaining lots of new facts so keep going!



In your learning pack:

Arithmetic Test 10

Extension: Create an arithmetic quiz for everyone., there only needs to be 10 questions.  Why not try creating one on Kahoot?!



Continuing on from the test in your pack that you used yesterday (SET A, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling).

Have a go at questions 11 to 20.



Word Changers - see the resources on RWI page of the Y6 home learning to get the resources if you don't have your book.


Science - Light and Sight

Now that we are entering a new term, we are also starting a new science topic about light and sight.  Because it is a new topic, we would like you to do some research about light and your eyes.


Task 1:

Create a fact file or poster which answer these questions:

  • What are light sources?  Give examples of light sources and reflective sources – the resource called ‘light sources will help you with this, but if you can add any more, please do so.  Extension: can you tell us the difference between a light source and a reflective source?
  • How does light travel? You might want to draw a picture to how this, including speed and direction of light?