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Tuesday 28th



What strategies can you remember that help us work out the meaning of unfamiliar words? We can:

  • look carefully at the context by reading around the word – look at the sentences before and after for any clues.
  • look at root words, prefixes and suffixes
  • replace the word with a synonym (a word with a similar meaning).


Use these to help you answer the questions on the sheet. Everybody should try questions 1-5 and there are two extension questions for an extra challenge.



Listen to the second chapter again, thinking about what it might be like to be Harry.

MAIN TASK: Answer these questions in a short paragraph:

  • Who is Harry?
  • How do you think he feels?
  • Why does he feel this way?
  • What kind of person do you think Harry is?

EXTENSION: Now compare Harry to Dudley.

  • What kind of person is Dudley?
  • Who is more likeable?
  • How are the two boys different?
  • Why are they different?




Times tables: Complete steps 3 and 4 on and/or the dartboard sheet.


Problem solving: Matchstick problems sheet.


Science – Investigating Gases

Choose one of the Comparing Gases Investigation Sheets to do (*, **, ***) – follow the instructions given to you on the sheet! Remember to explain to someone what you have found out!