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Tuesday 2nd February

Tuesday 2nd February 


Don't forget to have regular breaks throughout the day - get up and walk around. Drink plenty of water and make sure that you end the day doing something that will make you smile! 

Also don't forget to use the mindfulness breathing techniques that we spoke about yesterday if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.  


Guided reading (as a class)

Don't forget that we'll be doing guided reading together at 9 so have your books and pencil ready and make sure your brain is switched on! You can find the link to the reading text here:



In today's lesson, you will do doing a number of activities.

1) Complete the spelling lesson on oak academy. Be sure to write all 10 of the words down and practice these each day. 

2) Take 5 of these words and put them into sentences. Don't forget - you are Year 6's so NO SIMPLE SENTENCES ALLOWED!!!! Challenge yourself: Add a non-finite clause, a relative clause or some some adverbs. Try and also include some of the amazing Mrs Wordsmith words that you've looked at in the last few weeks. 

CHALLENGE: (2 Dojo points). Take the 10 words and create your own story - the most imaginative one wins!



Rounding to a required degree of accuracy Pupils start this lesson by considering why estimates and rounding might be useful. They explore rounding 7-digit numbers to the nearest multiple of 100,000 with varying degrees of accuracy.

As always, extra challenges can be found on the Emmanuel website (see the link at the bottom of this post)


If you've given this a go and are still unsure, why not give this lesson a go:

Rounding 5-digit numbers to the nearest 10 000 and 1000

In this lesson, we will be using number lines to round 5-digit numbers to the nearest multiple of 10 000 and the nearest multiple of 1000.




Read in an extreme place! We have had some fantastic photos of people reading in weird and wonderful places. Make sure you read for a minimum of 15 minutes and record it in your reading diary.

If you do not have a reading book at home, or prefer to read an eBook, please log in to Your teacher will let you know your login details.

Alternatively, check out the books, magazines, comics and audiobooks on Sheffield library (you will need to set up your own account with your parents email and your library card number)






Try and complete 15 minutes of reflex.

Have a go at the games on Active Learn.



 What is the holy book of Islam?

In this lesson, we will be learning about the Qur'an, the Muslim Holy Book which was revealed to Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel over a period of 23 years.



As it's Children's Mental Health Week, why not create a colourful poster that might inspire other children that live in your area. Use Mrs Andrews or Rev Jen's assemblies for inspiration if you would like to. 

Please post your pictures on your portfolio for us all to get inspired :-)