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Tuesday 2nd June


2 x 15 minutes

Read anything you want – a book, a comic, a magazine, a blog, a web page, anything!



60 Second reads.  Read ‘Rollercoaster’ and answer the questions attached to it.



Re-watch the Alma animated video and re-read the WAGOLL.


Today’s task: Planning. 

There are four key sections to the story:  

1) Introducing the girl, Alma. Describing the setting. Introducing the shop front.  

2) Introducing the doll. Alma’s surprise in the resemblance to her (describe the clothing).  Showing the audience Alma’s desire to get in and frustration at the door being locked.  

3) Alma entering the shop. Describing the shop interior. Alma’s surprise as the doll has disappeared and re-appeared in another location. Alma’s naivety. The doll on the bike trying to escape. Some of the doll’s thoughts. Here you are starting to build up the atmosphere and are trying to make your audience feel Alma’s excitement about getting the doll whilst also hinting that something is not right!  

4) Alma climbing up the bookcase to get the doll. This is a great place to use short sharp sentences, repetition to build up the tension. This should not be rushed.  

Our story will end with Alma touching the doll’s nose as it will leave the story on a cliffhanger.  


Re-watch the video and make notes on each of the sections. These should be key words and phrases, not necessarily full sentences. Remember, you’re not writing the story yet, you’re just gathering thoughts and ideas.  We will be writing the story in third person (she/they/it) and in present tense (if that’s too tricky, use past tense).  


Look back over your plan and find 5 things that you can improve (word choice. Add an adverb/adjective. Can you show an emotion and not tell it). 



Practice your skills on Reflex.



Log into My Maths for today’s lesson and activities.

Also use this to play extra maths games for either My Maths or Abacus.



Task 3 and 4 of the active to passive task sheet in resources.

Change the sentences into passive sentences, e.g. the ball broke the window – the window was broken by the ball.

After, decide on whether the sentence would be better written in passive or active.



Word Changers



Task 4

This should be your second week of working on the project.  Try to finish this week and send us the completed projects via Dojo.