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Tuesday 02.06.2020

Guided Reading

Task 1 - Read Dora the Storer

It's the start of a new week (minus the Monday we missed!) and we have a new text to read. Read Dora the Storer. Read it aloud, read it with someone else and then read it once more!


Task 1 - Superhero Poem and Relative Clauses 

Open the document below - English Tasks - Tuesday 2nd June 2020. Complete task 1 (Superhero Poem and Relative Clauses) then task 2 is optional. In order to complete the relative clause task, you may need to use the Powerpoint to help you. This is attached  below for you also.

Maths - Fractions

This week we will remind ourselves about fractions and then learn to add and subtract them.To help you we have added fraction lessons to MyMaths and games to Active Learn. Please have a go at these when you can.


Task 1 - Comparing Fractions p48 and p49.

Use the fraction wall resource sheet to help you compare the size of fractions. Key vocabulary - numerator (top number), denominator (bottom number).

Task 2 - MyMaths 

Make sure you look at equivalent fractions before you move onto comparing fractions. Use the practice option first.

Weekly Challenge - Triangle Fractions

Remember you have all week to do this so don't rush. Practice your fraction skills on MyMaths first!