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Tuesday 2nd March






READING 8.50 – 9.20

You will need a copy of the Hurricane text.  Today we will be decoding unfamiliar vocabulary.  You may want to download a copy of the vocabulary table to help you (see weekly reading resources).


ENGLISH 9.20 – 10.20

Great British SPaG off! (clue 4)

There's been a murder at the Great British SpaG off!!??? 

Log onto your morning zoom to find out all you need to know about it! 

Then you'll need to go onto the Emmanuel website to solve the first clue and eliminate some of the suspects. 

Good luck detectives!

See below for resources.


MATHS 10:40 – 11:40

Converting between hours, minutes and seconds

Today we will be converting time between hours, minutes and seconds


Read in an extreme place! We have had some fantastic photos of people reading in weird and wonderful places. Make sure you read for a minimum of 15 minutes and record it in your reading diary.


AFTERNOON (1:00 – 3:00)


REFLEX (1:00 – 1:15)
Try and complete 15 minutes of reflex.

ACTIVE LEARN (1:15 – 1:30)
Have a go at the games on Active Learn.



Was Elizabeth I 'weak and feeble'?

In this lesson, we will be learning about the monarchs who succeeded King Henry VIII. We will learn about the religious tensions, between Catholicism and Protestantism, that developed with each new monarch who rose to the throne. We will conclude the lesson by learning about King Philip’s plots to overthrow Elizabeth I and ultimately, her victory over the Spanish Armada. This lesson covers beheading and death. If this is a sensitive topic for your child then please make sure they are adequately supervised.