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Tuesday 5th May

Good morning everyone! Check below for today's suggested activities. As always, drop one of us a message on Class Dojo if you need anything (although Mrs Cottam is in school today so she may not get back to you ASAP). 


Independent Reading


2 x 15 minutes

Read anything you want – a book, a comic, a magazine, a blog, a web page, anything!

Don't forget The Forgotten SPell on Class Dojo. It's getting right good! 




Guided Reading


Look at the text that you read yesterday (Oceans of the world). Choose 5 tricky words and try and define them. Use the skills that you learnt in class to help you

  1. Read around the word: are there any clues in the text? What word class is it? Is it linked to another word? Does it have a prefix/suffix?
  2. Background knowledge: have you seen/heard it before? Where? How was it used then?
  3. Synonyms: can you replace the word with another word that has a similar meaning
  4. Definition: try and write a definition of the word.

Check your answers using a dictionary (can use online dictionaries if you do not own one at home!)





From your pack: Writing activity: “Continue the story”. 7

Use the image of the lady top help you. Try and get emotion across to your audience but remember, show your audience, don’t tell your audience.

Use some short sharp sentences to build up the tension.

Why not write a 3 –ed sentence (Frightened, bewildered and exhausted, she stumbled on through…)




Your maths activities (along with videos and extra games) is on the My Maths website (check your Class Dojo messages for your log ins.



Order of operations and algebra

Page 23


Use your learning from yesterday and have a go at page 23.




The letters just mean “a number”




Practice your skills on Reflex




Do one of your tests on





Word Changers




Science – Light and Sight

Task 2:

Explain how you think we see.  You might want to write an explanation or draw a labeled diagram of an eye and light source.  Add arrows to show how you think we see.  Don’t worry about being 100% correct at this point.  Remember that scientist start off with an idea and then they have to try and prove or disprove it.  We can always keep adding to your picture/explanation or change bits as we need to.



Don't forget to pop some of your stuff on your portfolio so we can share it with all of your classmates. Have a fantastic day :-)