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Tuesday 5th May


In the rest of Chapter 4, the giant introduces himself as Hagrid, from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and explains that the letters are Harry’s invitation to attend the school. Harry is a wizard!

If you want to hear the whole story, listen to chapter 4 on Audible.


Now read the opening of Chapter 5. Echo read it with an adult if you can.

Highlight or underline any words you are not sure about and use your vocabulary skills or a dictionary to work out what they mean.

Do you think words like Knut and Gringotts will be in a dictionary? Why/why not?


Choose 6 of your words and create a glossary for the text. Remember, a glossary helps the reader by explaining the meaning of tricky words. Can you organise your glossary so it is in alphabetical order?



We are going to use a thesaurus today to up-level our vocabulary.

Watch this video: (Stop at 37 seconds!)

Use the Worksheet. The 10 words you have been given are probably words that Harry might be feeling while he is lying in the shack. Can you find better words and write them underneath?

EXTENSION: Now use some of these words in sentences of your own.



Practise writing amounts of money in pounds and pence. Then challenge yourself to solve the money problems on the right hand side of the sheet.


Science – Heating & Cooling

TASK 1: Research the Melting Points of Different Objects on the Match-Up Sheet (don’t research this yet!)

TASK 2: Now on the “Amazing Fact Sheet” – Try and answer the questions on the sheet. There are also some extension research activities!