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Tuesday 9th June



2 x 15 minutes 

Read anything you want – a book, a comic, a magazine, a blog, a web page, anything! 



60 Second reads.  Read ‘Robot Revenge’ and answer the questions attached to it 





First things first, read back through your story. Read it to a family member/friend. Record yourself reading it and listen to it.  


The key thing is to now put yourself as the audience. Are you excited? Are you hooked? Are you feeling a range of emotions at different parts of the story (excitement, fear, tension). If not, why not? You may have to go back and edit your writing to try and make your audience feel these things.  


Does your story flow? Have you used cohesive devices to link ideas, sentences and paragraphs?  


Is the ending of your story rushed? That is the key part where you need to slow everything down and really draw in the audience.  


Look at your word choice: are they exciting? Do the verbs match the context and atmosphere? For example, does she walk upto the shelves or does she dash? Does she climb or does she scamble? Think of synonyms.  


Spellings: Choose some words that you are not 100% confident with. Use a dictionary or google to research them.  



Practice your skills on Reflex 



Log into My Maths for today’s lesson and activities 

Also use this to play extra maths games for either My Maths or Abacus 



Download and printout the subordinating conjunction foldable book.  Look carefully at the way the subordinating conjunction links the main clause with the subordinating clause then try to create a similar booklet of your own. 


Word Changers 



The People of God - How can following God bring freedom and justice?  

This term we having been looking at how God can bring freedom and justice to his people.  


For your final task, we would like you to think about how you feel when you are free. You might want to think about how you feel when you have done all your schoolwork or chores for the day and are free to play or relax. What does it feel like as you get older and have more freedoms or choices – for example, when you are given a later bedtime or maybe allowed to have a mobile phone?  


Alternatively, you can choose to think about a lack of justice. Think about what it feels like when you think things are unfair. For example, if you are not allowed to play on a game that your friends are or if you are not chosen for a sports team.  


Your job this week is to pick one of these topics (freedom or a lack of justice) and make a piece of artwork that expresses this topic. To start you might want to think about how it makes you feel – sad, happy, uplifted or angry for example.