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Tuesday 9th June



Now have a go at the homework activity for Coordinates on MyMaths! How much can you remember from yesterday?

Reading and Writing - Alliteration


  1. Read the poem ‘The Magic Box’ to yourself. You can hear the poet, Kit Wright, reading the poem to a group of children here:
  2. Find the online lesson here:  Work through the introductory quiz.
  3. Watch the video up to 13:53, joining in with all the activities.
  4. Complete the independent activities sheet, then go back to the video to check your answers.
  5. Watch to the end of the video, then click through to the Exit Quiz and complete this.
  6. Spellings: Log on to Oxford Owl. Complete the Year 3 ‘Sounds the Same’ activity. You will find this is at the bottom of the first page.
  7. Handwriting: Carefully copy the next 4 statutory spellings on your sheet: address, answer, appear and arrive.