School starts at 8.55am but children can arrive at school from 8.40am onwards.

Lunchtime is at 12pm and the school day ends at 3.15pm.

Breakfast Club opens at 8am. Children wishing to attend should enter via the main reception area.

The school office is 8am to 4pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 3:30pm Fridays.

Arrive at School: children go into class for morning work/readingAnytime from 8.40-8.55am
Register time8.55-9.00am
Lesson 1 (Reading and English lessons)9.00am-10.25am

Play time

10.20 -10.35am
Assembly/Collective Worship10.35-12.00pm
Lunch time12.oopm-12.55pm
Afternoon lessons: Spelling, Handwriting, History, Georgraphy, Science, Art, computing, PE etc12.55pm-3.15pm
Home Time: children meet parents in the playground3.15pm