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Landmarks Around the World

Art - Landmark Buildings


This week is all about landmarks (important or famous) buildings. Think of a building you have seen  - our school, a football stadium (Bramall Lane/Hillsborough), Meadowhall, Sheffield City Hall. Have these buildings always looked like this? How old are they? How have they changed over time? You could do some local research and see what changes have happened over the last 50 Years. What buildings your parents and grandparents remember from their childhood may look different to yours.


You can:


1.Look at the landmarks quiz and see if you recognise any of these landmarks from around the world.

2.Use the question sheets to help you find out more information about one you like.

3. Watch the video about artist Ken Done and look at the examples of his work. He paints simple, brightly coloured pictures which are often famous buildings, especially from his own country of Australia.

4.Draw/paint/colour your own landmark building -  it can be world famous, important to you or local to our area. You can use whatever art materials you have around - just make sure your picture is bright and colourful, just like Ken Done's.