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Wednesday 08.07.20

Guided Reading 

Task 1 - Questions

It's time to start answering the question - today answers questions 2 - 5. Read the questions carefully, think about the skills you need to apply: is it retrieval, inference, word meaning or sequencing? 



Task 1 - SPAG Revision 

Using the link below, have a go at some SPAG games on top marks! Let's see how much we have remembered and see how we do! Maybe start with some spooky spellings and then move onto some trapped punctuation games. Let us know how you get on with the games and which one you enjoyed the most! Happy revision! 

Maths - Revision

This week will all be about applying the skills we have learnt this year to different questions. Let see what we can remember!

Task 1 - Fractions

Practice and apply all your fraction knowledge.Pick the worksheet you think is best for you and give it your best. Look at the fraction videos to help you. Share your scores!

Task 2 - Decimals

You've got this!