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Wednesday 13th May



Today we are looking at summarising the text. Decide what the 6 key points of the story are. On your storyboard sheet, you will find 6 large empty boxes and 6 smaller boxes with lines in. In each big box, draw a picture of each key point, adding as much detail as you can using the information in the text (not from the film or your imagination!) Then, in the box underneath, summarise the key point in just one sentence.




Today you are going to finish your diary entry by looking forward to the future – what is happening tomorrow? Tell your reader what you are excited about and what you can’t wait to learn and discover at Hogwarts. Are you worried about anything?


Just to recap, your diary entry should be about the whole day leading up to Hagrid arriving to tell Harry he is a wizard (Chapter 4: The Keeper of Keys)


You should have 3 paragraphs:


Paragraph 1 (Monday) - "I can't believe what has happened to me!" - Explain who Hagrid is, what he looks like and what was going through your mind when he told you. Remember to include rhetorical questions and exclamations, as well as similes.


Paragraph 2 (Tuesday) - "The day all began" - Recap the entire day in more detail. Explain how you were feeling at the different points.


Paragraph 3 (Wednesday) - Explained above! Look to the future - remember, though, you don't yet know anything about the wizarding world!




Work through steps 5-7 of the MyMaths lesson to learn about dividing 3-digit numbers.


More practice:

256 ÷ 8 =        216 ÷ 9 =        735 ÷ 5 =      348 ÷ 4 =      426 ÷ 7 =




Continue with your board game... Make sure your rules are clear - Every family has someone who is planning to break them if they aren't!