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Wednesday 17th June

1. Read the extract from The Wonderful Smells through again. Summarise the text by picking out what you think are the 8 main points and making a storyboard.  There is a sheet provided if you want to use it.

2. Complete the ‘Sick sentences’ activity from the ‘No Time for Shoes’ document. Make the sentences better by adding adjectives, adverbs or subordinate clauses to add more information. You can also change words that are already in the sentence to make them more powerful, but you need to make sure the sentence keeps to its original meaning.

e.g. The girls walked along.

        Hand in hand, the two young girls trudged slowly along the stony path.


Improve these sentences too. Can you include a fronted adverbial or an expanded noun phrase in each one?

The trees were spooky.

They were scared.