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Wednesday 20th January 2021

Wednesday’s 20th January :



Guided Reading

Read Chapter 10 (see below!) 

Read, read, read again.

Identify any words that you don’t understand and find out what they mean, either using Monday’s strategy or by using a dictionary or thesaurus to identify a synonym that you might be more familiar with.




To plan a narrative scene

In this lesson, the children will develop vocabulary for describing a key character in this scene, will analyse a new scene and plan ahead of writing in the next lesson.



Maths - See below for some extra challenges :-) 

Fractions: Divide a proper fraction by an integer

In today’s lesson, we will connect fractions and division before learning the procedure for dividing a fraction by an integer.


Alternatively, if you would like more practice in multiplying fractions together, please give this lesson a go :-) 

Fractions: Multiply pairs of proper fractions

In today’s lesson we will learn the procedure for multiplying fractions and express the products in their simplest form or as a mixed number.








EXTREME READING CHALLENGE - read in an extreme place! Make sure you read for a minimum of 15 minutes :-)


Try and complete 15 minutes of reflex.

Active Learn

Have a go at the games on Active Learn.



How will we produce and use energy differently in the future?

In this lesson we will be learning about energy security and the need to shift to renewable, sustainable forms of energy. We will learn about energy security strategies and innovative approaches to energy production. You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and your brain.