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Wednesday 20th May



2 x 15 minutes 

Read anything you want – a book, a comic, a magazine, a blog, a web page, anything! 



The English task which we have set this week will need a little bit more time and effort so there are no Guided Reading activities for you to do today.  However, you should be independent reading every day. 



Look at the Alma scene pictures (attached).   


For each picture, write some key information: 

-describe the environment, character and the action 

-think about how the character is feeling. Try and show the audience this and not tell them (example: instead of saying that the character is scared, say, “The hairs on the back of her neck stood up like soldiers to attention.”) 

-What suspense writing skills that you thought of yesterday could you include? Where?  Add them to your notes. 



Practice your skills on Reflex 



Log into My Maths for today’s lesson and activities 

Also use this to play extra maths games 


SPAG Have a go at a test on 



Dictation - Ask someone to read the sentences to you 



Task 4: Continue with a copy of Light –Amazing facts.  You can either print it off, but if you don’t have a printer, you can copy the table out.  Complete the table showing transparent, translucent and opaque materials.  Can you write a definition for each of the headings of the table?  Can you add other materials/objects to the table? 

Ext: complete the research questions at the bottom of the sheet.