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Wednesday 22nd

WEDNESDAY 22nd April 2020



Re-read the Dinoworld and use the definitions you created yesterday to help with those tricky words.

Have a go at doing questions 1 to 6 (answer booklet should be in your pack – SET B)



Look back at the Dinoworld text and the examples of leaflets I sent out yesterday. They each start with an introduction (summarises the park/world/thing you are writing about). Try and write an introduction for your leaflet. Remember, you are trying to persuade people to visit/buy or whatever so use persuasive words and techniques (see the documents I’ve attached). Use informal writing and end with an exclamation or rhetorical question and try and get a pun in there (Example: “You’re guaranteed to have a ROARING good time!” for the Dinoworld).

You can either write this as a draft or use technology. If you have word, there are some fantastic leaflet templates that you can use.

Read it out loud to yourself and a family member. Are they interested in your park? Are they on the edge of their seats, eyes wide with bewilderment and excitement? If not, either make them a coffee or perhaps edit your intro to hook your audience in!

Once you’re done, try and post it on your portfolio for your class mates and me to have a look at.



Multiplying and dividing by 10/100 etc. Create and use a place value grid to help you if you need to (see the top of page 9)

One star: Page 9

Two Star: Page 10

Three Star: Worded problems (see attached document)

Extension: Challenge cards (see attached)



Ask a family member to help you complete the dictation sentences. Challenge them to four in a row.




Work on your science activity – you do not need to do this all in one go!



Crack on with your topic project that you started yesterday.