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Wednesday 29th April

Independent Reading

2 x 15 minutes

Read anything you want – a book, a comic, a magazine, a blog, a web page, anything!

Don’t forget to practice your “Gran Can You Rap?” rap ready for Friday



Guided Reading

Please complete the question to Jack Frost which you worked on yesterday and Monday from your pack.



Practice your skills on Reflex



Area and perimeter of 2D shapes.  See the resources at the bottom of your screen for the questions you will need.


In order to complete this, you need to know:

  1. Area of a rectangle is width x length (w x L)
  2. Area of a parallelogram (leaning rectangle) is Base x Height. So question 6 is 6 x 4 not 6 x 5
  3. Area of a triangle is always half of a parrallelogram! Base x height divided by two. B x H / 2.



Please carry on with questions 21 to 30 of SET A, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling that is in your learning pack.





Ask someone to read the sentences to you.


RE - The People of God

How can following God bring freedom and justice? 

For RE this term we are going to investigate some of God’s people and think about how following God can bring freedom and justice (fairness) to the world.


Task 1

This week’s task is to imagine life as a slave in ancient Egypt.

Look at Exodus 1:8 – 14 and Exodus 1:22 and find as much evidence as possible about what life must have been like for a Hebrew slave in Egypt. Then either draw a picture of a Hebrew slave and put comments with your evidence around it or write a paragraph explaining what life would have been like for them, using evidence from Exodus.

Try to think about:

  • What they have to do as slaves
  • What they would like to do but can’t because of their status (position) in life

If you can, you might also want to watch this BBC clip to remind you about the story of Moses.