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Wednesday 29th



Listen up to the end of Chapter 1. 


Then look at the ‘Skim and Scan’ document. The idea is to time yourself to see how quickly you can find and highlight (or underline) all the words at the bottom of the page in the text. Post your time on Dojos and we’ll see who the winner is! 


Then read the text through again carefully. 



Listen to the 3rd chapter of the book. You should stop the reading at 08:00 (Just before Mr. Dursley shouts “OUT!”)

Then, watch this video:

MAIN TASK: Use the Worksheet. Imagine you are Harry at different points of the story – How are you feeling? Why?

EXTENSION: Use a thesaurus or iPad to find some better words for your feelings!



Times tables: Complete step 5 on to gain your 7 x tables diploma. Then try some of the games.

If you cannot access the website, time yourself completing the Space Race sheet.


Then complete the Week 13 homework sheet. Everybody should try page 1. Page 2 is more of a challenge activity. Remember that to find a fraction of a number we divide by the denominator then multiply the answer by the numerator.


Topic – Castles Top Trumps

Choose some castles from around the UK and create Top Trumps for them using the templates.