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Wednesday 3rd June


2 x 15 minutes

Read anything you want – a book, a comic, a magazine, a blog, a web page, anything!



60 Second reads.  Read ‘UFO Sighting’ and answer the questions attached to it.



Today’s task: 1st draft of section 1. Try and include: 

*Introducing the girl, Alma. What is she doing? What does she look like? She’s young, playful, naïve, adventurous - how can you get these personality traits across to the reader?  *Describing the setting. Try and describe the setting within your description of the girl (for example: the girl skipped along the cobble-stoned alleyway, blissfully unaware of the shop fronts that loomed over her as she jumped from one snow- covered puddle to the next, her broad smile reaching from one ear to the other. 

*Introduce the chalk wall. How did Alma write her name? She stepped back and admired her penmanship.  *Introducing the shop front. It’s quite a menacing looking shop. How did Alma move towards it? What does she do when she gets there?  


Today’s targets: 

-Adverbs and adjectives. Include these to make your writing more exciting. 

-Simile or a metaphor. E.g. ‘a blanket of white’ instead of snow.  

-Try and use a 3 ed sentence (only if it feels natural to do so though!). 



Practice your skills on Reflex.



Log into My Maths for today’s lesson and activities.

Also use this to play extra maths games for either My Maths or Abacus.



Now it’s time to practice changing the sentences into passive sentences.  Make sure you choose the sheet that is challenging for you and not too easy.

Can you write three sentences of your own?



Dictation - Ask someone to read the sentences to you.



Task 5:

Carry out an investigation to see how shadows change with distance.

Details of the investigations are on the attached resource sheet.