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Wednesday 03.06.2020

Guided Reading

Task 1 - Vocabulary

Read the text again and pick out 6 words you are unsure the meaning. Underline them within the text and see (without looking in a dictionary first) if you can pick replace the word with a synonym to understand the meaning. Then check if you are correct. Use these words to create 6 new sentences using the words from the text or the synonyms you used to replace the words with. 



Task 1 - Prepare a Performance of the Poem and Identify Relative Clause

Open the document below - English Tasks - Wednesday 3rd June 2020. Complete task 1 (Prepare a Performance of the Poem and Identify Relative Clause) then task 2 is optional. It would be amazing if you could video your performances and send them into us! 

Maths - Adding Fractions.


Task 1 - MyMaths 

Make sure you look at equivalent fractions before you move onto mixed number fractions. Use the practice option first. Then move on to adding and subtracting fractions.

Task 2 - Page 50 and 51

Apply your fraction knowledge to these questions. Do the first 2 in each section then check your answers before completing the rest.

Weekly Challenge - Triangle Fractions

Remember you have all week to do this so don't rush. Practice your fraction skills on MyMaths first!