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Wednesday 3rd June

Reading and English


  1. Read through the poem again. Practise reading it out loud so that you can hear the rhythm and the rhyme.
  2. The poem uses lots of descriptive language. Find and highlight all the adjectives. (I found 15). Then complete the ‘Adjective synonyms’ activity.
  3. On the other half of the sheet you will find a table with the months of the year. Think about what happens in each month and make some notes. Include adjectives and noun phrases associated with them. e.g. January - dark nights, February - Valentine’s Day, March - a hint of spring.


The more ideas you come up with today, the easier you will find it to write your own poem tomorrow.




We are going to look at some reasoning problems where you use your mathematical knowledge to solve tricky, real life problems. Have a go at the 2 sheets.