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Wednesday 6th May

Independent Reading

2 x 15 minutes

Read anything you want – a book, a comic, a magazine, a blog, a web page, anything!

Don't forget The Forgotten Spell on Clas Dojo

Guided Reading
Questions to Oceans of the World
Q18 to Q23 
(Sorry that it’s stapled in a weird way!)

From your pack: Writing activity, “Film Review”. 
(For this you will have to watch a film! It’s homework!). 
Try and create a Gist for your film - Don’t just re-tell the whole story! What are the key parts? Try not to add spoilers! Tell your audience what your favourite part was and why, and what your least favourite part was and why. 
Can you compare the film to another (for example: the live action Lion King compared to the animated one) or can you compare it to the book (if possible). 
Why not record yourself reading it aloud so we can share our reviews with the rest of the class. 


Practice your skills on Reflex


Check out the activities on My Maths. From next week this will be where we will be posting our maths lessons so make sure you can log on and have a play around with it. 


Alternative maths: 
Order of operations and algebra 
Page 24

Ok, so these look a bit trickier! You now have to use both of the skills you’ve been practicing together!

1)    BIDMAS
2)    The letters just mean “a number”


Section 2:
“a number” x 5 + 4 = 39
I can start working backwards here by getting rid of the +4. But I also need to do that to the answer, so:
“A number” x 5 = 35
Now, because I know my x5 tables, I know there are 7 5s in 35, so:
“A number” = 7

Make sure you substitute this back into the original number sentence: 7 x 5 + 4 = 39 (correct!)


9 x (6 + “A number”) = 81
Here, you need to know what the brackets need to add up to. Again, because I know my times tables, I know that 9 x 9 = 81 so the brackets MUST add up to 9.
So 6 + “a number” must = 9
So “A number” = 3

Have a go, and don’t hesitate to message us if you need help! 


Do one of your tests on 



Ask someone to read the sentences to you


RE - The People of God

How can following God bring freedom and justice? 

Moses and the children of Israel were part of the People of God. Exodus 3:6 shows their link to God and Abraham.

Exodus 3 Good News Translation (GNT)
God Calls Moses
6 I am the God of your ancestors, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” So Moses covered his face, because he was afraid to look at God.


Task 2

This week we are going to think about the first four of the eight key events in Moses’ life. 

1.    Being put in the basket and found by Pharaoh’s daughter
2.    Killing of the taskmaster
3.    Fleeing Egypt
4.    The burning bush


The first part of Moses’ story 


When Moses was born, the Hebrews were slaves in Egypt. Pharaoh was afraid of them because he thought they might take over his country. He ordered that all Hebrew baby boys be killed at birth so that they would not grow up and fight against him. To save Moses his other made a plan. She hid him in a basket by the side of the River Nile. Moses’ sister Miriam watched over him until Pharaoh’s daughter came to the river to wash. She found Moses in his basket. Miriam told her she knew a woman who could be a nurse for the baby. It was his mother. Pharaoh’s daughter took him back to live with her as though her were her son. 


Moses grew up as an Egyptian prince, but he never forgot he was a Hebrew. One day Moses lost his temper and killed an Egyptian who had beaten a Hebrew slave to death. He had to run away to another land. God spoke to him from a burning bush and told him he must go back and free the Hebrews from Slavery. 



How do you think Moses feels about going back to Egypt? Why? Draw a spider diagram to make a note of how Moses might have felt. Remember to use many high level adjectives if you can – for example worried could be replaced by trepidatious.(see attached sheet for the spider diagram)

Maths page 24