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Wednesday 6th May


Read the text again. (You can listen to it on Audible as well if you wish). Then answer the retrieval and inference questions.

Everybody should try questions 1-5. Question 6 is an extension question.



Today we are going to look at similes.

Similes are where you compare something to something else, often in an exaggerated way. There are 2 main styles of similes:

  • Like a flash of lightning, Usain Bolt shot from the blocks.
  • Usain Bolt ran as fast as a cheetah.

YOUR TASK: Look at the picture of Hagrid on The Worksheet.

  • Label his different body parts
  • Then, add a simile for each body part
  • Circle your three favourite similes



Use addition and/or multiplication to find the total amount for each set of items on the sheet. Show your working out on a separate sheet of paper.



Design your own Coat of Arms

A PowerPoint will be uploaded onto Dojo and the school website at the start of the week. It will teach you how Coats of Arms were designed and what different symbols mean.

Use the PowerPoint to design your very own Family Coat of Arms!