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Week beginning Monday 20th April

Friday 24th April


READING – Answers

Check over your answers from this week. Did you write in full sentences? Did you make any mistakes and can you understand why you got them wrong?


MATHS – Perimeter

The perimeter of an object is the length all the way around it!

Choose 10 objects in your house and measure them using a ruler or a tape measure. If you do not have one of these, you may need to get creative. You could measure it in lengths of your hands or feet, or other objects from in your house!

EXTENSION: What is the perimeter of your bedroom?

EXTENSION 2: What room in your house has the largest perimeter?



Type up your diary entry from yesterday – is there anything you would like to improve?

EXTENSION: Change the font and size of your text? Can you add an underlined title, or a picture?#

If you cannot access a computer - could you write it up in your neatest handwriting?



Create a game or challenge using simple objects from around your house. Film yourself doing them, and challenge your friends to see if they can do it too!

My challenge to you – stand on one leg and balance something on your other foot! What’s the biggest object you can balance for 20 seconds?!?!!?

Thursday 23rd April


READING – Questions

Re-read the text we looked at on Monday. Then, have a go at the questions 5 to 8 – don’t look at the answers yet (We will do this on Friday!)


MATHS – Parallel, perpendicular and symmetrical

Have a look around your house looking for angles which are perpendicular (two things which meet at a right angle. Take pictures of 3 different things!

Then, look for something which has parallel lines (the lines will never meet). Take three more pictures!

Finally, look for 3 things which are symmetrical (mirror image – the same on both sides). Take 3 more pictures.

EXTENSION: Can you find an object in your house which has at least one perpendicular angle, has at least a pair of parallel lines AND is symmetrical?


ENGLISH – Cold write!

Choose a day from whilst we have been at home. Write a diary entry about it explaining what you did and how you felt.

EXTENSION: Read it aloud to one of your family members. Did all of your sentences make sense?


AFTERNOON – Science!

Follow through the powerpoint which looks at solids, liquids and gases!

Task 1 – Sort the cards into whether they are a solid, liquid or a gas. If you do not have a printer at home, you can just write each one into the correct column.

EXTENSION: Can you think of any more of your own?

Task 2 – Particle Properties – sort the cards into the correct 3 sets (solids, liquids and gases)

Wednesday 22nd April


READING – Questions

Re-read the text we looked at on Monday. Then, have a go at the first 4 questions – don’t look at the answers yet (We will do this on Friday!)


MATHS – Comparing decimals

Choose one of the levels on the sheets below (*, **, ***) – Can you put the numbers in order from smallest to largest. Remember, you will noeed to use your knowledge of place value.



ENGLISH – Create a potion!

Write the instructions for making the potion you created yesterday. You will need to include:

- Exact measurements

- Time adverbials (see Monday’s work)

- Imperative verbs (bossy words!)

EXTENSION: Write a short paragraph explaining what your potions does, who invented it, and how much you are going to sell it for. Remember to give it a name!


AFTERNOON – Drawing!

Go to this video:

Follow the instructions to draw your own castle!

Tuesday 21st April


READING – Vocabulary

Re-read the text we looked at from yesterday. Choose 5 words that you do not understand / are not 100% about. Look up their meanings and write them down.

Extension: Could you use some of these words in a sentence of your own?


MATHS – Comparing decimals

Choose one of the levels on the sheets below (*, **, ***) – Can you complete the number sentences using <, > and =.

Extension: Create some number sentences of your own!


ENGLISH – Create a potion!

Today, you are going to create your own potion using things from around your house. You can include anything – but make sure you write down the exact amounts of things you have used! Then, think of some names for your potion and what it might do. Tomorrow, you are going to write the instructions for how to make your potion.



Choose a castle from around the UK and research information about it.

When was it built? Who by? Why?
Has there ever been any battles there?
Who owns it now?
What does it look like?
Why is it famous?

Monday 20th April


Reading – The Green Ship by Quentin Blake

Read, read, read, read, read! Have someone read the text to you. Then read it back to them. Read it so you are taking turns to read each sentence. Read it in your head. Can you explain what takes place in the text (You may want to video yourself reading the text so you can play it back on future days!)

Do not try any of the questions yet!!


Maths – Number Creator worksheets

Have a look at the sheets below for Ordering 4-digit numbers – there are 3 different levels to try (*, **, ***). Have a go at completing one, then mark your answers!


English – Time adverbials

Have a look at the sheets below for Time Adverbials – there are 3 different levels to try (*, **, ***). Choose one and see if you can complete it – you will need to use these words when you write instructions of your own!


Fun activity – Weird Fact Bingo!

Have a go at researching some interesting facts on a computer or Ipad, and write them down on the Weird Fact Bingo board below. Can you find a fact which is REALLY bizarre?