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Week of 11th May


Today, as we usually do on a Friday, we will focus on vocabulary. This text had some fabulous word choices so let's take a closer look!


1.The author told us Penguin was "draped across the branch". Talk to your grown up about what a drape is and why the author might have used this word. What did it show? Can you use the word 'draped' in your own sentence?

2. Skim and scan the text for the word "sternly". Can you think of another word the author could have used instead?

3. Alfie "murmured woozily". Can you remember which of these words is a verb and which is an adverb? Can you write your own speech sentence using these words to tell me something you might have murmured woozily? Remember your inverted commas!

As an extension, you could write another speech sentence with a verb and adverb that have similar meanings.



Here is the text for this week. As always, begin by reading the text at least 3 times on Monday and giving a summary to a grown up.

Work through the comprehension questions on Tuesday and Wednesday, remembering to collect evidence from the text. Try to answer the questions in full sentences like we do in school.


Then, on Thursday, you should be ready to mark and correct your work with a grown up.