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Week of 14th April

Friday 17th April


Today, it is time to write your own poem, using your ideas from yesterday. We're so excited to find out what will be in your magic box. We're wondering if you will have any 'firsts and lasts' like Kit Wright did... "the last joke of an ancient uncle and the first smile of a baby". We would probably go with "The first time I met the best class in the world!"

I'm sure you will be able to do a better job and include alliteration and expanded noun phrases too!


Don't forget, in your last stanza, your magic box can become a vehicle to travel in! What vehicle will you choose and where will your imagination take you?


Thursday 16th

Have a go today at thinking of some things that you might like to put in a Magic Box.

Remember to use your imagination- anything is possible.

It is much better to put smells, tastes, sounds and the feel of objects into the box as this will make your final poem sound more interesting.

You could try and use alliteration or rhyme.

You could try and think of some WOW adjectives and verbs to use for your ideas.


Don't write the whole poem yet, just jot down a few ideas- Have fun!!


Wednesday 15th April


If you completed writing and decorating your poem yesterday, please move on to performing your poem with suitable actions. My favourite action is always a cowboy on a broomstick!! Please concentrate on reading your poem with fluency as well. We are really looking forward to photos and videos being uploaded to your Dojo portfolios. Some amazing portfolios are being built up and you will have noticed feedback and Dojo rewards from us appearing as well! Keep up the good work!


Here is a copy of one of our favourite poems, The Magic Box, for you to read.

Practise reading the poem with a family member. Some weird, wonderful and even impossible items are described! Take a look at the pictures below. Can you match them to the lines in the poem?
Next, can you draw what you picture in your mind when you read the poem! I enjoyed handwriting the poem and then decorating around the edges with my ideas!