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Week of 14th April

Friday 17th April


Watch the video below, listening out carefully for ways it gives you to remember the length of 1 metre. Then look around your home and garden and make 3 lists...

1. Objects that you estimate to have a length of 1 metre.

2. Objects with a length greater than 1 metre (>1M)

3. Objects with a length of less than 1 metre (<1M)

Metric System Conversions Song | Measurement by NUMBEROCK

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Thursday, 16th April

Continue with your measuring from yesterday. Try to use a range of equipment from around your house. As the weather is so nice today, you could do some measuring using water in the garden!! if you don't have any measuring equipment, use your footsteps, the length of a pencil or a cup full as a measure.


Also, have a go at telling the time today. Build up to telling the time in 5 minute intervals.


Wednesday 15th April


Please play 'Sand Search' allocated for you on Activelearn.

How many different pieces of measuring equipment can you remember and what units of measure do they use? For example centimetres, grams, seconds and so on...

What equipment do you have in your home and how could you practise using it accurately? You could link this to some fun, practical activities like cooking or timing yourself for exercise challenges! Please upload pictures to your Dojo portfolios where will give feedback and rewards!

Tuesday 14th April

Play 'Hedgehog Hurry', allocated for you all on Activelearn

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