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Week of 15th June

Look carefully at this image...

Look carefully at this image... 1

This is the document that supports this weeks learning, you shouldn't need to print this.

Monday: Question time


Have a look at the picture and start to imagine what is happening and what might have happened. in the past Carefully read aloud the questions to a grown up and talk about possible answers. You might not agree and that is fine. Really be creative and let your imagination run wild! Try to include some Year 3/4 words in your answers. (see below)


I really like some of the vocabulary in these questions! What does mission mean? What about deteriorate? Can you think of synonyms for those words?

Now it is your turn to ask questions. What would you like to know? Try to start your questions with a variety of question words...






Take turns with a family member to act as the heroes in the picture. Ask and answer questions to find out all the details about their lives. Make sure to let us know what you discover!


Picture 1

Sentence Challenge (Tuesday)

We do not want you to do the sentence challenge from the sheet this week. Instead, we would like you to work on speech sentences. Imagine the telephone conversation between one of the heroes and a person calling for help. Think about what the two people said to each other and then write up the conversation. Below is a reminder of how to punctuate speech sentences and a list of verbs to use instead of said. Remember...said is dead! As an extension, try to add adverbs like we used last week. Here is my wagoll...


"Help! You have to help me please! She's disappeared!" begged young Phillip desperately as he stared at his beloved dog's basket.

Picture 1
Picture 1

Wednesday (Perfect picture)

We would like you to divide your piece of paper into 6 sections to make a storyboard or comic strip to help you sequence your adventure in chronological order (time order). Under each picture, write one sentence in the past tense to explain what happened. Please start each sentence with a time adverbial. Here are some examples to choose from.


Picture 1

Thursday Story Starter

On Thursday, use your story board to write up your story beginning with the conversation you wrote earlier in the week. Make sure to include inverted commas around the words each character spoke. Also remember that said is dead!

You should still try to include your time adverbials from yesterday too but make sure to add more detail to each section of the story. Applying all of the skills from last week e.g. expanded noun phrases will make your writing exciting!!! Good luck, can't wait to read them! yes

Friday Sick Sentences


On Friday, we would like you to improve the sick sentences on the sheet. You are becoming really confident with this now, but just as a reminder, you could add:

  • expanded noun phrases
  • impressive synonyms (words with the same meaning)
  • adverbs
  • similes

Once you have completed these sentences, look through your story from yesterday. Are there any sick sentences that you need to improve? Also, check your spellings very carefully to the lists of high frequency words below.

Picture 1