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Week of 18th May


After practising on MyMaths, Reflex and TTRockstars, you could try to apply your times tables knowledge to the following worded problems. Think about what the question is asking and which multiplication or division facts you can use to solve the problemslaughenlightened


Continue today to work on MyMaths, Reflex and ttrockstars.


If you would like an extra challenge today, try this 4x and 8x tables practise sheet.



Please keep working on your MyMaths learning so that you progress over the week.


Also, make sure to spend time on Reflex and TTRockstars every day to improve your maths fluency.


I think you will also enjoy 'Seaside Scuffle' on Activelearn. Bronze, Silver and Gold are allocated for you, see how far you can get! yes

Tuesday, 19th May

Today you will need to continue to work on MyMaths and spend some time practising your fluency on Reflex.



If you haven't had a go at Starfish Strike on Activlearn, this is a good one to try.



Hello everyone, please visit MyMaths for the lessons and activities set for you on addition.


Also, please continue your fantastic work on Reflex maths! We are so proud of the work you've completed on there, keep going Y3! yesheart


You will reinforce the learning on MyMaths by also playing Marching Madness on Activelearn, allocated today for you!

Don't forget to log onto TTRockstars everyday too!