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Week of 20th April

Continue to use Reflex Maths to build mental maths fluency and also play 'Rainy Daze' on Activelearn. Then, have a go at the questions below.

Thursday, 23rd April


Continue to practise your subtraction skills and your mental methods. Work your way through the sheet as best you can.

Play 'Beetle Bump' on Activelearn


Mental Methods

Wednesday 22nd April


-Continue to work on Reflex maths which is really important for building timestables fluency.

-Play on "Starfish Strike" on Activelearn

¬Have a go at some of the calculations below, think carefully about which method to choose.

Tuesday, 21st April

Have a go at Marching Madness on Activlearn. This will help you practise addition, subtraction and money.

This worksheet will also help you practise money. 

Monday 20th April


Please watch pupil video 3.9 'Counting up to find a difference', then play 'Starfish Strike'. These are both allocated for you.