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Week of 20th April


This week we will be writing a report all about spiders. Can you remember all the features of a non-chronological report? That's right...factual, eye-catching heading, present tense, subheadings, diagrams and an introduction and so on.


Follow the links below to research spiders and try to write an introduction. You might want to tell us what type of creature they are classified as, where in the world they live etc. Don't go into too much detail at this stage. Later in the week, we'll write paragraphs about webs, for example. Enjoy!


Arachnids | Educational Video for Kids

Did you know that arachnids aren't only spiders? There's so many more animals! Today, we're meeting some of the scariest animals on the planet... Arachnids! ...

Interesting facts about Spiders | Educational Video for Kids.

Did you know that spiders are one of the animals that most people are scared of? There are millions of people who have arachnophobia, meaning that when they ...

Tuesday, 21st April


Hopefully you have managed to make plenty of notes about spiders now. Don't worry if you haven't, you can add to your notes as you do this lesson.

Today, we would like you to think of three or four subheadings for your non-chronological report. Remember that a subheading is a title that tells you what that paragraph of information is going to be about. When you have decided on your headings, try to organise the notes you have into those paragraphs. You could plan it like we do in school using an oval shape with 4 lines for each sentence.

Once you have completed your spider drawing, you will need to choose vocabulary carefully to label it. Try to use expanded noun phrases e.g. hairy, jointed legs (the link to Bitesize will remind you about what expanded noun phrases are)

As a challenge, try to create expanded noun phrases for : thorax, eyes, abdomen and spinnerettes. Enjoy!

Thursday, 23rd April

Today we would like you to have a go at writing out your non- chronological report about Spiders. You don't have to get it all done today!! Remember to use your subheadings from earlier in the week and include the noun phrases that you practised yesterday.

You can also try to include some fronted adverbials to add variety to your sentences. 

For example:

Moving very carefully, 

Attached to the spider's thorax,

In the centre of the web,

Sometimes a spider

When a spider has laid it's eggs,

Have a go!


Friday 24th April


Your report may almost be finished but now is time for the real fun! Shock and amaze your readers with a final paragraph with a subheading of 'Fun Facts'. Here is my wagoll...


Fun Facts


Did you know that the world's largest spider is the Goliath birdeater? According to Guinness World Records, its legs can grow to 30cm in length which is the size of a small dog! How incredible is that?