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Week of 22nd June

Here are all the documents you will need for guided reading this week.


As always, this is the day to read, read and read the text again to build fluency. Don't forget to discuss what type of text this is and how you can tell? How can you tell this is a poem? You may need to check you child's understanding of words like locks, upholstery, saturated and ebb before reading this through.



Read the text again, the more you read it and build fluency the better! Then answer half of the questions each day in full sentences like we do in school.



Read the text again and then mark your work using the answers. Which questions tricked you? Explain to your grown ups why you think these questions were tricky.



Vocabulary Day

Skim and scan the text for these words and work out what they mean and then write 3 sentences of your own including the words.


  • dripped
  • soggy
  • squelchy